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corrosion prevention



How about some safety yellow on those handrails, or maybe just some beige for the office?

Peak Coatings has been a primary partner in implementing color safety programs, steel corrosion solutions, and more throughout many of Kentucky's biggest plants as a trusted painting contractor.

We go into the dirty and bring clean, into the gray and bring color, into the dark and bring light.


There aren't many places that are too dirty, gross, or dark for us to crawl in.  For more than 60 years we've coated, lined and painted projects in just about every industry. 


Chemical tanks, secondary containment, waste water drains and much more.

Getting the perfect lining applied perfectly at your job site can make a world of difference, increasing the lifetime of the equipment, and its safety. 



Peak Industrial Coatings & Linings, Inc. is an industrial painting contractor focusing on the needs of industrial clients such as but not limited to chemical plants, steel plants, power plants, water and waste water plants.  We specialize in preventing the effects of corrosion on steel, concrete, and fiberglass.  


Peak Industrial Coatings & Linings was incorporated in 1963 as the Kimmel Painting Co., by William Carl Kimmel and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

​As an industrial painting company, Peak has been trusted by many of Kentucky's biggest companies to perform their industrial painting and industrial coating services for 4 generations.  Peak is a professional painting contractor trained, equipped and certified to do what few others can.  

Our expertise as industrial painting contractors is backed by our NACE and SSPC certified industrial painting inspectors.  

 Industrial facilities require more than just paint.  


Chemicals and moisture situations require specifically engineered industrial coating.  Anything less is corrosion waiting to happen.  Industrial painting is truly unique.